Tantalum is a rare metal found in Australia (56%), Africa (19%), Brazil (16%), China (5%) and Canada (4%). This high performance metal has a high melting point, high strength, high ductility and high reliability. In addition, it has a high resistance to corrosion and high thermal conductivity making it a highly efficient. It is also highly reliable and environmentally versatile component for use in a wide variety of applications. This is because it contributes significantly to our economy and way of life.

What Is the Market for Tantalum?

The largest application for tantalum (approximately 68%) is in the electronics capacitor industry. Such products include; cell phones, personal computers, gaming platforms, wireless devices, telephone switch boards and computer networks. This is because of its unequaled capacity to store and release electrical charges. Other electronics applications (11%) are in PC memory chips, igniter chips for car air bags and other automotive electronics.

In addition, tantalum is used in the manufacture of super alloys (8%). Such as jet engines, turbines, space vehicles, nuclear reactors, power plants and chemical equipment due to its extreme hardness. Also in the manufacture of carbides (5%) for cutting tools, drill bits, excavator and bulldozer teeth. Others include sputtering targets (2%), for use as optical coatings, memory chips and silicon wafers for use in micro compressors. It is also used in military and recreational ammunition (1%) and in the manufacture of a variety of other products (3%). Such as rayon fibres, heat shields, ink jet printers, x-ray film, hip and knee replacement systems. This is because of its non-corrosive nature and in the manufacture of surgical instruments and appliances.



Applications of Tantalum

According to the research report, tantalum will see its stock rise as a result of global penetration by the smartphone market.

Smartphone shipments will increase by 1.3 billion units in the next few years, according to Report. This is because smartphone technology and internet functionality have become more prevalent in developing countries.

Tantalum capacitors are used in automotive electronics, mobile phones, and personal computers, according to the U.S. Geologic Survey (USGS).