Procurement Service Consultancy Firm

Minerals Base Agency is a procurement service and consultancy firm. We seek to promote project cost controls and certainty. For instance, managing the sale and delivery of minerals and services for clients. We leverage our international procurement expertise and regional supplier networks. So that we provide the best value for investments. This is because of our strategic position across the Great Lakes region. Thus, this contributes to our execution excellence. Using both stand-alone and integrated engineering, construction, and maintenance service platforms.

We have emerged from a small company and are now a driving force in the Procurement Industry. This success is also attributed to our commitment to great efficiency. As well as personalized service and strategic relationships. We offer competitive pricing. Because of the strategic and sourcing relationships we have with many of our clients.

What We Do In Our Procurement Service

We develop extensive knowledge of the requirements for the mining and construction industry. Therefore clients are able to enjoy tailor-made solutions, that is from ordering to delivery.

Integrated Supply Chain Service

Customers are provided with an integrated supply chain service. This, however, includes sourcing, warehousing, transport and the management of final delivery.

This is because our success is based in part on the personalized hands-on service as well as the rigorous systems. For instance, back-end administration the company offers its clients.

In addition, all transactions are tracked, enabling us to keep the client informed at each stage of the process. All cargo is inspected before being delivered anywhere on the continent.


We focus on managing the large volume of low-value component purchases. Probably the ones that your organization would generally look after daily. We use our worldwide network and regional representatives. so that we can deliver cost-savings on existing lines. And also source low-cost alternatives. Likewise, we source options to help protect and diversify your existing manufacturing operation.
Our key asset is a responsive, flexible and pragmatic approach. And also our capability to integrate in and/or cooperate with the client. Supported by our straightforward organizational structure and our short communication lines. We can provide the expected ability to match the required services.
The combination of local service and close cooperation provides a comprehensive solution. Which facilitates coordination on the one hand. But the availability of international services and standards is on the other.