gold nuggets

Natural Gold Nuggets

Our natural Gold Nuggets are “Hand Selected Jewelry and Investment Grade”. And as such is the highest quality available anywhere. Unlike common grade gold nuggets which often sell near the spot price of gold. Hand Selected Jewelry and Investment Grade” gold nuggets always command a significant premium over spot gold prices. Most of our buyers are investors, jewelers, and collectors.


First of all, make sure that you understand the weight measurements used to weigh gold. Natural gold nuggets are generally sold by weight. Because gold nuggets and gold crystals will sometimes command such a high premium. Especially over spot gold prices the weight is less relevant to the pricing. But, you should never buy a natural gold nugget that does not list the weight. Natural Gold nugget measurement uses the Troy and metric system.

Qualities of gold nuggets

Like anything else, gold nuggets come in different qualities. Many gold nuggets are small rounded chunks of gold without any real unique shape. And they often contain dark mineralization or a significant amount of host rock. This type of nugget is also called “Common Grade” and it is not worth much more than it’s melt value. And also, you would expect to pay close to spot gold prices for this type of nugget. If you are buying gold for its melt value there are a lot of sellers who sell melt quality nuggets. But you will miss the collectible and investment value that high-quality gold nuggets afford.

Jewelry and investment-grade natural gold nuggets

jewelry and investment grade natural gold nuggets. These are both small and large. Thus they generally command a much higher premium over spot gold prices. Jewelry and investment grade nuggets are hand-selected. And are also shaped clean and bright without mineral staining or any significant amount of host rock. Jewelers use small gold nuggets for inlaying onto rings, necklaces, and watch bands. They use larger gold nuggets to make pendants or necklaces by soldering a gold bail onto the nugget and hanging it on a gold chain.

Jewelry/Investment grade nuggets are also preferred by investors as they are in high demand from jewelers and collectors. And thus hold their value much better than common grade natural gold nuggets when gold prices fall. And they are easier to resell at a premium.

We have other types of collector’s natural gold nuggets. Which include the jewelry and investment grade nuggets mentioned before. Besides to rare gold nuggets, special shaped gold nuggets gold, gold crystals, and crystalline gold nuggets. A complete collection will include something from each of these categories. And you will find a wonderful collection of investment grade nuggets when you contact us.